Services Overview

Thank you for your interest in Milford Pastoral Counseling Center. Below is a list of services we provide.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can help you navigate big, life-altering changes as well as those times when you just feel a need to improve the quality of your life.  We take a comprehensive approach to helping you acquire the insights and tools you need to find balance, confidence and peace in your life, addressing mental, emotional and spiritual health ... [ more ]

Couples Therapy

We all bring different beliefs, perspectives, and values into our relationships. These individual experiences shape the lens through which we see things and can cause friction with our partner. Whether you are a new couple embarking on life together or a mature couple in the throes of life's challenges, couples counseling provides insights and tools to improve communication and work through the issues ... [ more ]

Group Therapy

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling, often privately and in silence, to cope with something until we begin to talk with each other and soon realize that there are other people facing similar concerns. Group therapy provides a supportive environment to discuss problems and concerns and to work toward your goals ... [ more ]

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