Resources Overview

Mental Health Resources

As we journey through life there will be problems, some big, some small, some anticipated and others presenting themselves unexpectedly. Learn about mental health resources for individuals, relationships, grief, depression, and suicide prevention ... [ more ]

Addiction and Recovery Support

There are many forms of addiction: drugs, alcohol, money, overeating, sex, etc. The most well-known support program is Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12 Step Program for recovery. Many recovery programs are based on this 12 step program and have regular local support meetings ... [ more ]

Personal Bias Assessment

If you are on this planet you have prejudices and biases. It is part of the human condition. Prejudices and biases can be destructive to the self and to others. To change it is first necessary to develop an awareness of these biases. Project Implicit is collaboration among researchers at seven educational institutions. Its goal is to objectively measure different biases in individuals ... [ more ]

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